Integrated Design Systems

Integrated Design Systems Inc., award-winning industrial design firm in NYC offering product design, medical product design, plastics design and design of industrial products .
Telephone:1-516-4822181 Address:74 West Main Street

Let Medical Systems

LMS has been in the market for several years, offering Ultrasound, Cardiology, Neurology, Neumology Equipment.
Telephone:1-305-822-8999 Address:5755NW 151 ST

Cables And Sensors

Cables and Sensors is the global leader in oxygen sensors for bedside monitors and ECG and EKG cables.
Telephone:1-408-242-2308 Address:883 W. Washington Avenue


Spring Health Products has been manufacturing diamond burs for more than 50 years. You will be amazed at the performance of award winning FG Turbo & Regular diamonds due to electrogalvanizing process bond diamonds. Less turbine wear and ease cut are result true concentricity by micro-precise ...
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Dental Inc

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Momentum Orthopaedic Solutions is a world class provider of Spinal, Hip and Knee implants. Operating equipment and a full spectrum of global traveling Neurosurgeons and Orthopaedic surgeons.
Telephone: 1-915-2562757 Address:2044 Trawood

JTK Dental

Founded in massachusetts United States 2001. We are committed to the development of markets, and research new products production techniques between us china. If you interested any our items, please do not hesitate contact us. looking forward establishing business relationships with ...
Telephone: 1-626-217-0386 Address:1850 S Diamond Bar Blvd

Band Medical Industries LLC

Telephone: 1-917-4394584 Address:1027 SW 30th Ave.

Enterprise Ultrasound

Honest and reliable ultrasound equipment provider of machines/systems, portables, probes replacement parts. Export internationally domestically. Nine years in the business, believe customer service quality working with client base. Sell Toshiba, GE, Sonoscape, Philips, ATL, HP, ...
Telephone: 1-949-400-7868 Address:22762 Aspan Street #202-221

Health Wealth Safe Inc.

Health Wealth Safe, Inc. is a medical technology company based on Remote Patient Monitoring and telehealth an encrypted data platform. RPM revolutionary tool . This uses high end to share proper communications between doctors patients. Using the patients can monitor their health, get fitness ...
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