Appliance Squad

Appliance Squad Parts Distributor of America At Squad (ASPDA) we strive to provide the best quality and price for your appliance parts needs. All our are identified by part numbers, also include pictures ensure you get right first time, saving money time. We supply store dealers, ...
Telephone:1-956-252-7127 Address:3300 N Ware Rd

EcoSafe Water Products/ Matterhorn Filters

Matterhorn Filter Corporation / EcoSafe Water Products is a leading manufacturer & distributor of water treatment components and systems. We manufacture in the USA; filter housings, cartridges, multi-media shower filters, countertop systems, reverse-osmosis aquarium filters also carry ...
Telephone:1-310-592 3990 Address:259 E 157th Street

H2O international, inc.

H2O International, Inc. is a U. S. company with experience in manufacturing POU and POE GAC / KDF Systems 100% Shower filters. In 2007, the expanded their operations to distribute more than 45 brands of products, which include ready-to-install systems as well variety components suit needs every ...
Telephone:1-954-3464 Address:3001 S. W. 15 Street, Suite C

Duraflow Industries, INC

Manufacturer of OEM Aftermarket Filters for Range Hoods, Microwave Ovens, Updraft/Downdraft FIlters Grease collection and control, Odor elimnation, and/or both. HVAC Washable Panel FIlters, Activated Charcoal Filters odor Electrostatic Pre-Filters, Reticulated Foam filters dust ...
Telephone:1-440-965-5047 Address:15706 Garfield Rd.

Midwest Motors & Manufacturing, LLC

Midwest Motors & Manufacturing and our sister company, EMN Group, are proud to say we design manufacture universal appliance motors in the USA. We have over 100 years of motor manufacturing experience. Our market focus is providing quality components small mid-size customers at a fair price. ...
Telephone:1-8009319350 Address:155 Haas Drive, Englewood, Ohio, USA

RainVac - Rainbow Vacuum Specialists

RainVac, a division of Vertex Worldwide, Inc., has been in business since 1992. The company risen to its current position the marketplace based on one very important principle: customer service. Unlike most companies that deal Rainbow Cleaning System, we are not sales-based business. Rather, ...
Telephone:1-3017919669 Address:920 W. Washington St. Ste. 107, Hagerstown, Maryland, USA


Your one source of all your laundry needs, We service/repair and supply you with the equipment and parts you need
Telephone:1-305-6548247 Address:430 NE 191st STREET, miami, FL, USA

Newport Appliance

Newport Appliance and Consignment offers new scratch dent, used refurbished major appliances to our customers. We also sell furniture. expect items be in excellent condition when they reach sales floor. repair clean up look the best as possible. are quickly building a return customer base. ...
Telephone:1-423-5328222 Address:264 East Main Street, Newport, Tennessee, USA

S. S. Engineers

Affiliated with Tesla Technologies We are looking for Mid Sized CNC Lathe Machines We fuel alternatives like cng conversion kits diesel and gasoline engines, solar powered electrical systems commercial non-commercial use, electric generators, heating, cooling systems, NG / LPG ...
Telephone:1-443-5144480 Address:1104 N Alexander Dr

Regency Home Remodeling

Regency Home Builders has been constructing quality custom homes for over two decades. Our commitment to excellence is the trait that separates from our competitors. proud expand into home remodeling business. The same what will separate other remodelers. Quality, price and service are just ...
Telephone:1-7739304465 Address:Chicago, Illinois, USA

Maxtronic Technologies LLC

Maxtronic is an electronics design and contract manufacturing company specializing in appliance control industrial controls, particularly where embedded microcontrollers microprocessors are used. Since our founding 1995, we have served the needs of individual inventors companies ...
Telephone:1-704-7074501 Address:3581 Andrew Tucker Rd

Lambro Industries Inc

Manufacturer of accessories for appliances and the HVAC industries. Established in 1967, a major supplier to retail, wholesale OEM markets. We sell our products through out world as well purchase such raw materials & packaging materials.We currently employ over 200 people operations, ...
Telephone:1-631-8428088 Address:115 Albany Ave, Amityville, New York, USA

Scotia Technology Div. LRTP, Inc.

If you require tube assembly, bend, weld or braze services, Scotia Technology is a manufacturer of tightly toleranced, rigid assemblies. Operating as small business, we offer our customers the benefits personal, hands-on expertise with quick responsiveness and competitive pricing. As ...
Telephone:1-603-5285545 Address:51 Growtth Road

MembPure Technology

MembPure Technology, LLC. , an research and development, technical consulting company in the fields of membrane separation environment protection, commits to provide state art technologies products for water treatment purification, wastewater reuse, desalination, industrial ...
Telephone:1-630-8205538 Address:1656 Charlotte Circle

KEE Interface Technologies

Our Brea office provides sales, engineering, and warehousing supports. quality factories in China produces fast turn around decorative products ranging from injection molded plastic, graphic overlays, membrane switches, formed aluminum badges. We also work closely to our partner produce ...
Telephone:1-626-8235238 Address:18529 Andrada Dr

Thermotech Enterprises, Inc.

Thermotech was founded in 1985 by Krister Eriksson who holds a masters degree mechanical engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm, Sweden. Mr. has been registered professional engineer since and 25 years experience design construction energy recovery Mr. is considered ...
Telephone:1-813-787-8547 Address:5110 W. Clifton Street

Elgen Manufacturing Co

Elgen Manufacturing Company, INC is a HVAC and sheet metal manufacturer, serving contractors, fabricators, resellers.We provide our customers with superior quality, an enormous line of cost effective hardware, accessories parts.We manufacture damper flanges, slips & drives, TDC/TDF ...
Telephone:1-201-9640008 Address:300 Murray Hill Parkway

Viking Appliance Repair Pasadena

Appliance Electrical Services is Pasadena's premier service provider in Viking appliance repair. AES prides itself for staying on top of Viking's latest products and innovations all sectors, to ensure that our technicians are first line product training new appliances. Call us (800) ...
Telephone:1-8005207044 Address:1576 E Washington Blvd Ste 2, Pasadena, California, USA

Heritage Maintenance Products, LLC

Heritage supplies parts and brushes for power sweepers, scrubbers and street sweepers. We offer OEM quality parts at discounted pricing. We ship worldwide and stock items ship on the same day. 800-277-3780610-539-6960Fax: 610-539-6910
Telephone:1-800-277-3780 Address:2572 Industry Lane East-West Norriton Industrial Park Eagleville, PA 19403 USA

Farnam Custom Products

Industrial Heating Elements, Air Heaters, and Temperature Control Units. Innovative heater solutions from Farnam Custom Products improve operational effectiveness, enhance product reliability, reduce costs for our customers. We can do the same you. Here you find lots of created by ...
Telephone:1-828-684-3766 Address:90 Bradley Branch Rd