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Year Established 2008
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Company Introduction

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Investment contrast Tandem Mould Technology

After using Tandem Mould technology , to meet the same output condition , saving 30-40% of the mold and equipment investment . Manufacturing costs can be reduced by 40% , saving 60% of the floor space , 50% reduction in equipment maintenance , but also can save 40% of the total cost.

Tandem Mould technology for products

Forming, thick and long cooling time technical components ( such as optical lenses ) , the amount of steady ( engineering parts, functional parts , disposable medical supplies ) ; paired parts: the left and right parts ( car interiors ) ; around pieces ( flat TV ) ; large flat parts : reducing the number of devices and the total investment scale injection molding cycle products in over 10s , which accounts for 40-50% of the product cooling time throughout the molding cycle .

In response to these requirements , tecking use of high-performance multi-color injection molding machine platform , first to complete the specialized equipment , standardization and serialization transformation, launched a new BM series , becoming the first company to provide Tandem Mould technology and system solutions manufacturers.

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