Quiko Italy Srl

Business Type 2
Location QUIKO ITALY Via Seccalegno, 19 36040 Sossano (VI) - Italy
Year Established 1968
Main Markets United States
Country/Region Italy

Company Introduction

Quiko is a premium brand when it comes to providing automation systems for doors & gates. Founded in 1968, Quiko has established itself in the market for their invention, design, and production of gear motors for automation systems. The company has gained immense experience in manufacturing automation systems, which is the evidence of producing reliable and durable products as per the standard and custom applications. We intrinsically design & develop the gear motors at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and our highly trained technicians make sure that every procedure up to the final assembly is performed with utmost precision. We, at Quiko, manufacture and commercialize automation systems for gatesand doors along with other wide range of products including automation forcivil and industrial gates, barrier gate, automatic barriers, parking lotsmanagement systems, automatic rising bollards, access control systems,automatic doors, door entry systems, hands-free opening devices, electroniccontrol boards for automatic gates, control and safety devices, CCTV productsand many more. The gates or door automation system, apart from adding curbappeal, help in making any property more secure. Nowadays, many industries haveshifted towards the industrial gates automation, in order to add an extra layerof security to protect their machinery and large inventories. Swing Gate Openers: The swing gateopeners are used for both residential and industrial purposes. The products inthis segment include linear arms, articulated arm automation, and undergroundsystems. These linear arms are available in both the electro-mechanic &hydraulic versions. Sliding Gate Openers: Quiko offers thesliding gate openers for both residential and industrial applications. It istested under all environmental conditions and hence, is deemed suitable to beused in every country of the world. The sliding gate operator justifies the tagof ‘Small Dimension, Big Power’. It generates a high magnitude of power andprovides ease of installation. Garage Door Openers:The BOXTER series supplied by Quiko presents a wide array of garage door openers. These garage door operators allow for securely automating the up & over doors or tilt-up doors. A 24V battery is provided as a part of backup that ensures the functioning of automation of garage door in case of an electricity blackout.

Contact Information

Contact Person Luca Borinato
Department Marketing
Job Title 24
Telephone 39 0444782371
Mobilephone 39 0444785513
Zip/Post Code 36040