HKE Hexagonal Water R&D Team

Business Type 2
Location Taiwan
Year Established 2005
Main Markets North America, Europe, Asia, Africa
Main Products Long-Acting Hexagonal Water Generator, Spirits Maturation Accelerator, Hexagonal Revitalized Water For Winery, Hexagonal Revitalized Water For Indoor Aquaculture, Hexagonal Revitalized Water For Bottled Water, Hexagonal Revitalized Water For Hydroponic, Hexagonal Revitalized Water For Drip Irrigation,
Country/Region Taiwan

Company Introduction

HKE resonant technology R&D team is an industry leader in the design and production of exclusive technology applied to all water-related industries. The same expertise and success can be found in the spirits accelerated maturation solution in the distillation industry. With more than a decade’s development, we successfully developed HKE technology which can create spontaneous physical resonance as a long-lasting physical kinetic energy, successfully producing the same structure of hexagonal water as the water molecule in the human body but also can be stably kept at room temperature for more than 12 months. The nature of spontaneous physical resonance by Hydrogen Kinetic Energy induces the HKE resonant R&D team to the ongoing development of this technology and equipment which is suitable for all water-related industries such as winery industry (Accelerated Aging Technology Solution), bottled drinking water, freshwater/sea aquaculture, hydroponic agriculture, drip irrigation agriculture, seafood processing, beauty moisturizing water, animal husbandry, small molecule extraction, etc. As the industry leader, HKE resonant R&D Team places a strong focus on customers, and provides them with exclusive technology and services that deliver business value that exceeds their expectations.

Contact Information

Contact Person Sam YEH
Department Sales
Telephone 886 2 23113375
Mobilephone 886 2 23711172
Zip/Post Code 100