Harika seafood

Business Type 2
Year Established 2010
Main Markets world wide
Main Products Shrimp,Vannemei Shrimp, Fish, Beluga,Snapper,King Fish,Jumbo Shrimp,
Country/Region Iran

Company Introduction

Harika seafood with more than several years of uninterrupted activity in the field of seafood, such as producing and exporting by employing managers, local experts and modern knowledge and technology in this field, has succeeded in a significant share of exports of seafood and services of our beloved country With countries such as China , Vietnam , Thailand, Malaysia Russia, Azerbaijan, Turkey ,Qatar ,Oman Kazakhstan and European Union. Harika Fish, as one of the most standard production units in Iran, packages and supplies to the world market with a standard product with an annual capacity of 6,000 tons of Vannamei , sea catch shrimp and fishes. Harika Company, with its experienced staff, strong business system, offers a good feeling in terms of service and high product quality to customers. The most important goal of this company is to provide products with the best and highest international standards.

Contact Information

Contact Person Mehdi Abedini
Department Owner/Entrepreneur
Job Title 23
Telephone +989396891002
Mobilephone +989396891002
Zip/Post Code 518759201