Operational Address Rami Kisla Cad. No: 58 K: 1 D: 22 Yontem Vaytas Plaza 34055 Topcular, istanbul, Turkey
Business Type Manufacturer
Location EYUP, Turkey
Year Established 2013
Main Products Machined Components,Casting,Metal Fabricitions,Gear, Pulverizers,Pelletizer Knives-Pelletizer Blades, Screw Elements,Gears, Machined Components,Mould Holder
Country/Region Turkey

Company Introduction


Endustriyeltt is a company which is providing production, engineering, procurement, and logistics services. The goal of our company is to reduce the cost of buying of our customers and to help them attain an advantageous position in the global competition. We have the necessary engineers and other related personnel who will provide all these services. We have established all the services on customer satisfaction. The company is situated in Istanbul, Turkey, which is the largest port and commercial city of Turkey.

Endustriyeltt (ETT) provides the supply chain of various products ranging from dump to plastic products to the manufacturers and end-user companies in the world, including Turkey. Our company is able to work not only with the local market but also with the manufacturers all over the world in order to meet the customers needs.

We have the ability to deliver to them by the means of global, high-quality standard and custom industrial components with a wide range of supply and to improve the supply chain performance of our customers.

We are conducting our work through contracts. We perform all our working processes according to the international production, service and quality standards and we are taking the responsibility of all the services. In order to work with our customers over long periods of time, we can afford to lose money in this regard.

Contact Information

Contact Person Mr. Endustriyel Tekn
Department Marketing
Job Title Marketing
Telephone 90-212-4858120
Fax Number 90-212-4933021
Address Rami Kisla Cad. No: 58 K: 1 D: 22 Yontem Vaytas Plaza 34055 Topcular Eyup
Fax 90-212-4933021
Zip/Post Code 34055