Archetype Health

Business Type 11
Location 3250 Independence Drive, Suite 100, Birmingham, AL 35209
Year Established 2015
Main Markets Archetype Health: Don’t simply feel better. Live well.
Main Products Chiropractic Extremity Adjustment, Chiropractic Evaluation, Chiropractic Spinal Adjustment, Physical Rehabilitation, Altitude Rehabilitation Therapy, Manual Muscle Therapy, Nutrition,Pregnancy,Archetype Altitude,
Country/Region United Kingdom

Company Introduction

Archetype wants to bring you back to your best state of health and wellness, optimized for you specifically. Schedule your health evaluation today! At Archetype, we believe there’s a difference between existing and thriving; simply feeling and feeling good; living life and living well. We strive to make you the best mom, father, son, athlete, the best version of you. We do this through custom health plans that include services we have harvested and researched to keep the modern human moving in the short term and throughout life.

Contact Information

Contact Person Dr. John Palmer
Department Director/CEO/General Manager
Job Title 11
Mobilephone 2058031234
Zip/Post Code 35209