upmed eK

supmed a German based trading company for disposable OR-gowns made of either SMS or spunlaced, is located at the southern part Germany. was established by 08 / 2008 and offers gowns to European market, especially CPT-packer. In addition we are offering customized product development meet our ...
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Gerhard Beil/Herbert Roemer

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Medical Equipment Center

We are MEDICAL EQUIPMENT CENTER, a Syrian Company dealing in the x-ray Machines and related accessories, looking to collaborate with similar companies marketing sales for systems Syria. Medical Equipment CenterEng. Reyad AkeelTechnical ManagerHarasta, Sail Avenue, Mahasneh Road, Near ...
Telephone: 963-11-2314458 Address:Harast, Alsail, Mahasneh Mosque

degreemedicals limited

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Dixion GmbH

With its head office located in the very heart of Europe, Dixion is proud to be flagship company Stormoff group, which has been active healthcare field for over 25 years. an international manufacturing and trading house offering a wide range medical equipment variety fields such as surgery, ...
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CTV Optimum

We are German company spezialised in the production of medical computers, which conform both VDE regulations and EC-type-examination MPG 93 / 42. The closed design our products prevents contamination ingress by bacteria disindected solutions into system. Due to closeness systems, there is ...
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Sahin Tech Ltd

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M&TEC - Grou

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Kellermann Stainless Steel & Kitche

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Aqua2live BV Germany and The NetherlandsManufacturer and Distributer of Water Disinfection Treatment Installations and Installations for medical uses, farming, breeding, fish and shrimps.
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Alimentos LTDA

Alimentos Chickens was established as a family business in 1984, supplier of high quality specialised poultryproducts to the hospitality industry. The company's founders still have an active involvement overall direction company. Today we grown into modern, respected, multi site, ...
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Gall Cow.SND

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Ganmel GmbH

For many years we have experience with commerce of deer antlers andcow Gallenstein. Our Distributer supplies in large mixing from Russia to Germany. Cow Gallensteine are exported Mongolia twice the year We look for contact buyer. ...
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HistoryAmapharm GmbH was established in 1977 by pharmacist Wolfgang Marks who had the idea to develop fruit gums containing a daily dose of vitamins for children and adults only one or two gummies.Within next few years all over world started enjoying tasty as result German Company quickly became ...
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BioMed Group GmbH

Our specialist team is dedicated to delivering the better design, better materials, and more extensive clinical experience compared with the early years of implant development. Let our professionals take care of your needs!
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Quadrant Ltd

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medical ECONET GmbH

The roots of medical Econet GmbH long back to the year 1997. As European headquarter company "Kretz Technic AG, Zipf / Austria, our office was located in Dorsten, on edge River-Ruhr-Area. In present days we are an independent and have established ourselves as a qualified manufacturer ...
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