Jantal Ltd

we are a new company that will provide high quality technical and environmental products to our clients.we target small medium sized companies government organizations individual customers meet up with their demands. also seek major contracts firms. ...
Telephone:49 - 30 - 756897 Address:erlin berlin, berli

Furtzen Grou

We are a general trading agency. We buy and resell diary products such as milk, we also deal in frozen foods such as chicken, pork and fish. We also deal in nuts and fresh vegetable
Telephone:49 - 1521 - 3900818 Address:Ernst-Rein-Str 40 Bielefeld, North-Rhein Wesphalia

Huge GmbH

TradeVerify Huge GmbH is an effectively managed company involved in the Manufacture, Branding and Exportation of various products. We manufacture export a wide rage frozen poultry, beef, pork, dairy seafood. also products like sugar, cooking oil (used unused), copper beverages, we have ...
Telephone:49 - 12 - 2562252 Address:Bahnhofstraße 21  Reken, Reke

Soceite Akose Commoditie

Attention: Gold and Diamonds Buyers,I present local gold miner here in East West Africa.presently now I own 500 carats rough diamonds 50kg bar sample which want ship to buyers.Am looking forward building a long term business relationship withyour esteemed company our community have about 125 ...
Telephone:255 - 0 - 769730890 Address:Plot No. 193, Msasani/Comoro street, dar es salaam, Tanzania Dar Es Salaam, Dar Es Salaam

Hanseatic Trade Office Breme

We are an international operating tradebroker office from Bremen Germany. Our activity focuses on the mediation of serious business contacts. mainly commercialization raw material and energy related products, like coal, crude oil, diesel fuel LNG or LPG. But our also a wide range other wood ...
Telephone:0049 - 421 - 79479194 Address:Auf den Haefen 29 -, Breme

Ashurst UG

Bulk Agricultural Commodities Trading Company specialising in Milling Wheat, Feed Wheat, Barley, Corn, Flour, etc
Telephone:49 - 173 - 4720450 Address:Pfarrer-Disselhoff-Strasse-34 Schermbeck, NRW

Etehad Zebarjad Arvand Co.

Etehad Zebarjad Arvand Co. is an international trading company located in Iran. As specialists Iran sourcing and trade consulting for the East & Iranian market, we facilitate partnerships between our customers clients across world. We Export All Kinds Of Portland Cement Clinker. The Origin ...
Telephone:49 - 176 - 802811 Address:No.4 Mirsarabi Alley, North Felestin St., Tehran, Tehra

Xin Commoditie

Typical Chemical and Physical AnalysisMoisture 3.0 % max AS2300.1.1 1988Fat 28.0 min AS2300.1.3 1988Acidity 0.14 ADPI916 1990Ash 5.0 - 6.0% AS2300.1.5 1988Lactose 39.0% typ CaculatedLechithin 0.20% NIRO 22aInsolubility Index 0.5 ml AS2300.4.4 1994Scorched particles Disc A/ 32.5gm ...
Telephone:49 - 49 - 973***** Address:Amsterdam Amsterdam, Amsterdam

Almanac Limited Llc

We at Almanac Limited have in-depth understanding of the market and our skilled personnel systems are able to monitor movement meet demands customers. Our expertise cargo origination has been developed over more than two decades bringing about efficiency in cost optimization across all ...
Telephone:+49 - 421 - 83517822 Address:Drakestr. 49. 12205 Berlin, Berli

German Trading Company Pte Ltd

Dear Sir,We are opening a new outlet of our company in Dubai and will like to buy from you.Thanks Sanchez AgueroP Please Consider The Environment Before Printing this E-mail
Telephone:49 - 67 - ***** Address:Haller Stra� 1 10587 Berlin Germany Berlin, Berli

Mm Inv Ltd

Kerek Investment Limited we are one of the leading Company in the exportation of Agricultural Product, located in 5 countrie
Telephone:49 - 219 - 1365019 Address:Flughafenstrasse 71 Erbendorf, Erbendorf

Planet Agriculture

We are manufacture and exporting agro - products, fresh vegetable goods fruits. one of the leading suppliers exporters in India. have networks world wide. Since our company is having direct resources, we will be able to provide you most competitive price. Hence best price with quality time. ...
Telephone:49 - 49 - 12365658 Address:Nurnberger Str. 49 Plauen, Dresde

MigEsi Ltd

We are a trading company that act also as an agent to manufacturing companies and main suppliers.We believe in good business relationship building trust.Our products have quality at affordable prices we can convey the any part of Africa.At moment supply rice toilet papers baby diapers wipes oil ...
Telephone:0049 - 17298 - 50313 Address:Wilhelm Spaeth strae 57 Bayern,

Lars Janke E. K..

I am pleased to introduce Lars Janke e. K as a major Europeans company of grains production and other agro products. is part the Euro Group among 31 German companies, being established in year 1994, with headquarters cold store Hamburg, Our main activity exporters different kinds sales on market. ...
Telephone:49 - 152 - 11998384 Address:Fahrenort 98-100 22547 Hamburg Hamburg,  Hamburg

UP International Trading GmbH

Telephone:49 - 211 - 95989403 Address:Prinzenallee 7 D�seldorf, NRW

Brauerei Wittenberge GmbH

We are one of the biggest suppliers of Frozen Food,Seafood,Diary Products,edible vegetable oils,soft drinks,energy drinks and european beers.
Telephone:49 - 3877 - 6083897 Address:Lindenberger Str. 13 Wittenberge, Brandenburg

Lifeng Foodstuffs Co.,Ltd

Nungesser GmbH has been active in the international seeds business since 1775. Today, our company operates one of largest trading platforms for Soft Commodities on Internet.-Nungesser Exchange which, connects producers from all over world with customers food industry. We can help you to buy ...
Telephone:86 - 411 - 39801620 Address:Am Steimel 11 64397 Modautal-Brandau Germany Modautal,

Mike Supplies GmbH

We are leading supplies of coffee both arabica and robosta. We offer many diffrent varieties and brands of coffee.
Telephone:49 - 152 - 15780592 Address:Niedersachsenstr. 38 Winsen, Niedersachse


Telephone:49 - 676 - 214846 Address:Gos 850 Berlin, Berli

Gateway Perfumes Gmbh

we have been able to build a solid client base in Asia, Africa, Americas, The Middle East and of-course Europe. We provide with all certifications needed for importing our branded products. work top logistic companies Europe providing clients affordable freight rates prompt delivery period ...
Telephone:49 - 6910 - 228601 Address:Fuldastrasse 35, berlin, Germany Berlin, Berli

Fresh World GmbH

We are suppliers and distributors of various consumer goods as well health safety products. our aim goal is to provide best customer related services for proper satisfaction. get all your purchase from us help make dreams come true with the satisfaction you us. ...
Telephone:49 - 77857 - 27772772 Address:Mies-van-der-Rohe-Strae 189 Munchen, Munche

Grenada Gmbh

Grenada Gmbh is a trading company established since 2005. we are moving on to become one of the leading companies within Europe and other parts world. We bring you direct supplies distribution various products with shipping your destination ports address short delivery lead timesfor more ...
Telephone:49 - 4242 - 223727820 Address:Hillmannplatz 2-16 Bremen, Breme

Nagle Group GmbH

Our enterprise was established in the 2000s due to low level and slow distribution of various consumer goods local market Germany. We came as wholesale suppliers create rapid supplies retailers we later extended Europe. Now currently supply over 800 retail stores Europe other parts world.We ...
Telephone:49 - 520 - 00142883 Address:Langenhorner Chaussee 82 Hamburg, Hamburg

G-e Limited

Welcome G.E LIMITED is a leading exporter of baby food including infant formula’s milk powder, MILK POWDER, UHT MILK, INFANT POWDER , BABY FORMULA AND CONFECTIONARY We offer different quality in ranging from basic formula to premium and plus formula. work closely together with our ...
Telephone:+49 - 1517 - 5110555 Address:Hamburger strasse 6 Hamburg, Hamburg

Von Benzon Handelshau

It is our pleasure to provide you with the listed merchandise.In doing so, we rely on long-standing, trustworthy business connections and always keep open all options explore new developments face trends of development head on. duty tradition best for your business.We ship goodsTimes have ...
Telephone:49 - 40 - 57242431 Address:Gnadenbergweg 23 Hamburg, Hamburg