Beauté Esthétique

Our goal is to improve patient care and we are encouraged by the close cooperative work with medical specialists in aesthetic field. We have been listening closely their needs demands this has highly influenced developing process of our product ranges. The exchange experience helped us combine ...
Telephone:33 - 16008 - 0877 Address:38 boulevard Raspail 75007 Paris France Paris, Pari

Pharmaboris Ltd

Country of Ownership: ukraineYear of establishment: 2005 Exporting: YesPrimary Industry - PharmaciesOther industries - Online ShoppingMain Business Activity: Trading House (wholesaler, agent, distributor)Number of employees: 10
Telephone:33 - 657 - 98654 Address:Plaisance 75014 Paris Plaisance ,  Pari

Francis Cor

We are now manufacturing -45,-60, -86,-105, -136 and -150 degree Celsius complete series of low temperature ultra freezers industrial cryogenic such as LCD screen separating etc., super for tuna seafood, display freezers, blast freezers.Our products popular with our users have been ...
Telephone:33 - 66 - 667888 Address:15 Rue de la Michaudie Nantes, Pays de la Loire


Telephone:33 - 5 - 615***** Address:32 BIS ALLEE HENRI SELLIER TOULOUSE,


We are a purchasing central who is looking for commodities for our client all around the world. We are selling goods to africain countries Middle East countries and Asian countrie
Telephone:33 - 1 - 470***** Address:Place dou Galioun FREJUS, VAR


Ceregumil is a brand of nutritional supplements laboratory Fern�dez y Canivell SA Spanish that has existed for over century.Widely known (more than 78% the population knows and regularly buys ) traditional marketed to 21,000 pharmacies as well in shopping malls Carrefour , Auchan El Cortes ...
Telephone:33 - 04 - 94141240 Address:Avenue de l'universit� La Valette du Var, PACA


We are leading exporters of beverages like sugar, Sunflower oil chicken feet, pork feet and we also sell Medications such as pain relieve medications, sex pills, steriods, anti anxiety meds, beauty therapy products many more. assure fast prompt shipping at excellent rates. Contact us for more ...
Telephone:33 - 452 - 371010 Address:70 Quai charles De Gaulle Lyon, Lyo


We are the main wholeseller of dairy product in FRANCE. We sale Full Cream Milk Powder, Skimmed Milk Powder, Veg Fat Milk Powder, Whey Powder and Cheese.
Telephone:33 - 385 - 327400 Address:RN 6 - Les Jonchets 71118 Saint Martin Belle Roche aint Martin Belle Roche, aint Martin Belle Roche

L&R Family Farm

With our experience in Dairy and Poultry products, we are ready to offer you our chicken eggs. We offer you the white eggs which have the chalky tolerant white tint cream Also the Brown eggs which are Dark Cream tints.
Telephone:33 - 605 - 666652 Address:1 RUE DE LA GALMY Seine-et-Marne, pari

Eric Gizard Et Associes Ega

We produce halal certified whole chicken as well parts. Our farms prodcues tons of table eggs.We are the largest producers top quality commercial broiler hatching eggs. have our own breeder stock to only carry parent all major breeds available on market, such Cobb, Ross and Hubbard.Below is a ...
Telephone:33 - 155 - 283858 Address:14 Rue Crespin Du Gast 75011 Paris Paris, Pari

Jujuartsworld Coltd

We are a home based company into the productions of Juju hats made of feathers, Cow horns, Cow gallstones, Ox gallstones, animal product and extract
Telephone:33 - 7873 - 64458 Address:23 rue des palmist niece, niece

Ets Tilly

We are direct producers/manufacturers, distributor/wholesalers of agricultural products, chemicals, herbal energy animal and dairy products. Our products have very good quality meets the european standards. Worldwide delivery by sea/ocean freights land/trucks within europe ...
Telephone:33 - 7583 - 30861 Address:rue de la seigliere bordeaux, bordeaux

Jsk Caribean Tab Co., Ltd.

Telephone:33 - 6 - 645***** Address:14 rue Victor Hugo Montigny-lès-Cormeilles, Ile de France

C Import Export

Cimport and export is multipurpose trading company deals in import specialize ediblke oils . The network of C clients vast around the world. People trust us because we fulfill our promises commitments excellency business profession. Our valued customers can PURCHASE from us, high quality non ...
Telephone:33 - 6 - 05846823 Address:122 RUE JEAN LEBAS ROUBAIX, NORD

Millelly's Boutique

Telephone:+33 - 687 - 2***** Address:Rue Paillot De montabert  Troyes ,

Adc Sarl

eport of food quality: porduits food: olive oil, fruits and vegetables, canned food, cleaning products, detergents, insecticides, beverages, alcohol, beer, cosmetics, hygiene product
Telephone:33 - 6 - 13254964 Address:118/130, avenue Jean Jaur챔s PARIS CEDEX 19, FRANCE

Métral Fruit

We are fresh fruit exporter from France. We handle mainly fresh Apples, Apricots, Chestnut and Walnut.Fresh apples: Gala, Granny, Red Chief, Golden.
Telephone:33 - 63054 - 9855 Address:204 rue d'Alembert salaise sur sanne, Rhone alpe

Renata Group Cor

We can supply dairy products (FCMP, SMP, cheese - Cheddar, Feta or Mozzarella- and butter) as well as frozen chicken(as whole or in cuts) from Europe and other origins.
Telephone:33 - 1 - 34483448 Address:Rue rapporteure Cergy,

Melskot S.A

we are one of the best and leading french company with branches in various parts world. We specialised wholesale distribution consumer goods as well pharmaceutical products. will be glad to supply you all your products per request. please do contact us for assistance regarding supplies. ...
Telephone:33 - 450 - 00000144470 Address:Grenier-Saint-Lazare 25 Paris, Pari

OP Estuaire

Organization of professional fishermen located in West France.We can supply glass eels for farming and restocking.Ask more details regarding deliveries quantities needed.We "Anguilla anguilla".Sales only the European Union. ...
Telephone:33 - 0 - 617994440 Address:2 rue Colbert Les Sables d'Olonne, FRANCE

Inex Ltd

We would like to introduce ourselves as exporters and importers specialized in seafood. By virtue of advanced scientific research technology, we supply deeply processed seafood, such shrimp, squid, octopus, crabs, all kind fishes be it fresh, live, frozen dried. Establish 2010 are an ...
Telephone:33 - 9606 - 585833 Address:29, avenue de Provence  VALLAURIS, VALLAURIS


We are based in France, sell and buy products described below for the account of our parent Companies Benin Niger :We : Poultry paws/feets, poultry/turkey cuts, whole hens ; Sesames, manioc other foods at request.We Poultry/turkeys origi ...
Telephone:33 - 1 - 430***** Address:Avenue de Montaigne  NOISY LE GRAND,


Hi, We are french based companie we are looking for fresh garlic can you give us a cotation for 100M/T ;200M/T CFR ALGER DZ Regards;
Telephone:+33 - 787134 - 896***** Address:Rue jean giono st etienne,


Our company sell french potatoes and onions, from the best producing regions of France : Champagne, Beauce, Nord Pas-de -Calais, Picardie. We specially can supply washable table salad with nice looking skin, highly appreciated by hypermarkets their retail consumers. usually unwashed in big ...
Telephone:48 - 783 - 041685 Address:Ferme de la Crouillere Nogent sur Seine, Champagne

Lassan Distributio

Our establishment has gone this far due to its high collaboration with worldwide markets. We started as a small firm speciality in consumer goods but expansion order partners we have expanded our supplies various types of worldwide.We will gladly welcome you provide all your required and ...
Telephone:33 - 6521 - 126800 Address:oulevard Charles Livon 630 MARSEILLE, MARSEILLE