Ronaq Foods and Impex

Business Type 9
Location Shivpuri, MP, India
Year Established 2019
Main Markets World Wide.
Country/Region India

Company Introduction

Ronaq Foods and Impex from India. The company has its own contract farming for fresh vegetables and fruits, in the state of MP, UP, Uttarakhand, Haryana and in the states of Maharashtra, The company has its processing plants at different parts of India for entire range of products. Having acquired the necessary exposure and long experience, complete satisfaction of the overseas buyers, by maintaining excellent quality of products, the company has already consolidated its position in the export market for all the products. The company enjoying domestic market business covering New Delhi, the capital of India, MP, UP, Uttarakhand, Panjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, West Bengal and international level , its exports to Middle East, Gulf Countries, South East Asian countries, North America, New Zealand & Australia, United Kingdom and various EU countries. The Company has ambitious plans to gain maximum presence in the Market share in India and abroad associates by providing International standard quality products and packaging. Our main objective is to supply Indian origin natural products all over the world. Mainly we supply: Fresh Vegetables, Fresh Fruits, Dehydrated Onion, Dehydrated Garlic, cardamoms, spices, cloves, nutmeg, wheat, wheat flour, mangoes, pomegranates, vegetables, food grains, fruits, dry fruits, Natural gums, resins, spicesoleoresins, onions, potatoes, rice, honey, forest products & herbs. DEHYDRATED VEGETABLES : 1) DEHYDRATED ONIONS SLICED, KIBBLED, CHOPPED, MINCED, GRANULES & POWDER. 2) DEHYDRATED GARLIC FLAKES, GRANULES & POWDER. 3) DEHYDRATED POTATO POWDER. 4) INSTANT POTATO FLAKES & POWDER. 5) NATURAL SPRAY DRIED TOMATO POWDER, SPINACH POWDER, TAMARIND POWDER & ALL KINDS OF JUICE POWDER. 6) DEHYDRATED GREEN MANGO POWDER. 7) DEHYDRATED GINGER ROOTS / FLAKES & POWDER. 8) DEHYDRATED CORRIANDER LEAVES & POWDER. 9) DEHYDRATED MINT LEAVES & POWDER. 10) SWEETNEEM LEAVES & POWDER. 11) BAY LEAVES. l2) SENNA LEAVES SPICES : 1) CUMMIN SEEDS & POWDER. 2) FENNEL SEEDS & POWDER. 3) FENUGREEK SEEDS & POWDER. 4) TURMERIC FINGER & POWDER. 5) CORRIANDER SEEDS & POWDER. 6) MUSTARD SEEDS & POWDER (BLACK & YELLOW). 7) RED CHILLI POWDER. 8) CELERY SEEDS. 9) MILLET. 10) DILL SEEDS. 11) WATERMELON SEEDS KERNALS. 12) WATERMEKON SEEDS. 13) GROUNDNUT KERNALS (BOLD & JAVA). 14) CASTOR SEEDS. 15) SESAME SEEDS (NATURAL & HULLED). 16) NUTMEG. 17) CARDAMOM SEEDS & POWDER. 18) CLOVES. 19) BLACK PEPPER / WHITE PEPPER. Looking forward to a fruitful business association with worldwide buyers and traders. Thank you for your time!

Contact Information

Contact Person Waqar Rohila
Department Director/CEO/General Manager
Job Title 11
Mobilephone 91-9300027559
Zip/Post Code 473551