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Alex Holdings & Co

Quality Grizzly Rooster Feathers for hair extensions Description: FEATHERS -Solid Burnt Orange (6-7 in) -Orange (5-6 in & with a poof on the top) Yellow -Yellow Turquoise (6 some might have little -Turquoise -Olive Green Purple -Purple Pink (4 -Pink NATURALS: -Honey * -Badger (7-10 -Black ...
Telephone:380 - 636 - 44773 Address:23 shevshenko blvd cherkassy cherkassy 18006 Ukraine


HYWELL Textile Co., Ltd. is based on the China Zhejiang Zhenya Group(, the company has been set up with concept of honesty and credibility, in high-quality, basis a high level efficiency to rely development foreign trade. Our products Eastern Europe, South ...
Telephone:380-97-9988222 Address:Frometivska str. 2

Chernigov Nylon Company

Chernigov Nylon company, founded 1953, is Ukraine's leading manufacturer of polyamide (nylon) products--PA 6 and PA 6. polymer chips, industrial yarns, tire cord fabrics, cordage, monofilaments, textured textile staple fiber, yarns ...
Telephone:380-462-652293 Address:78 Shorsa St. , Chernigov


Wet Salted Cow Skin & Dry Raw Hides We supply wet blue cow hides, buffalo head skins, trimmings,wet sheep lamb greasy wool, rabbit skins,deer skins. WET BLUE SHEEP SKINS FROM Cameroon Size: 6 to 8 sq.ft. per piece Average size: 7 Selection: 40% Grade A/B, 60% C/D 1 cOntainer= 18,000 pieces ...
Telephone:380 - 0237 - 7671959 Address:Yanvarskiy pereulok, 9 Kiev Kiev 01010 Ukraine

Sabouni For Textile Co.

SABOUNITEX is a leading manufacturer of curtain & chenille fabrics. Our product line includes different kinds jacquard, jacqard fabric, fabric etc. We have advanced weaving machines to effectively improve our production. Since we are one the largest manufacturers in home textile industry, ...
Telephone:38-063-1253447 Address:Nairin Srt

Lona Ukraine Ltd

We are Ukraine based company which specializes in sale of the composite materials produced by CIS manufectures. Our products are aramid fibres, threads, textiles.
Telephone:380-9657-891859 Address:Ukraine

"Starteks-km" Co. Ltd.

Manufacturer of home textiles LLC \\"Starteks-KM\\" is a manufacturer of bedding, blankets, pillows. We offer a variety of high quality textiles with a wide range of fabrics and napolniteleley for blankets and pillows.
Telephone:380 - 67 - 5464686 Address:Lozivska street, Building 5 Kharkiv Ukraine 61001 Ukraine

LLC Severtransmashinvest

We are LLC Severtransmashinvest based in , Ukraine. member of since January, 2011. Our business is related to Agriculture industry and we specifically deal flakes, grits. Please find our product details below: maize corn grits sell Best quality. All necessary certificates ...
Telephone:380-66-0295910 Address:Ukraine


"Polisyka Potato Company" Ltd ("PKK") young company created in year 2011 for with the aim to become a leading potato growing north region of Ukraine by implementing high standards and world innovative approach process other vegetables cooperation food industry leaders ...
Telephone:380-50-4697708 Address:prov. Radyscheva, 3, r. 213

Brynmor Limited

Our company is engaged in growing of chinchillas for further sale of fur to the sewings factories. Ready to co-operate with small sewings ateliers . Terms of collaboration : a 1 party is from 10 to 30 hides, price FOB is 60 $ / 1 things.
Telephone:380-50-101-9086 Address:Kirova str.165/140,ap.8


Since 2003, We have seen only growth and development, by means of its dedication handwork. Dealing in Halal Buffalo Meat, Raw Horns, Animal Bones, Wet Salted Skin, the company has carved a niche for itself industry. Moving step forwards, is counted amidst leading Suppliers Ukraine . The located ...
Telephone:380-966458899 Address:

Creative Exports Ltd

We are exporting company from Kharkov , Ukraine. We eport rabbit skins and oak wood to Europe and China.
Telephone:380-57-7149001 Address:ul. chubarya, kharkov, kharkov, Ukraine


We are Leading Supplier, Distributor, Trader & Exporter of Raw Leather Skin. We also act as Indenting Agents for buying and selling of Raw skin, Wet salted Hides & Skins, Dry Salted Hides & Skins, Pickle Lamb skins and Hides Wetblue
Telephone:380-44-490 76 00 Address:


we are Pakistan base manufactures of all kind of bedsheet fabric, Towel, Pillow Cover, Napkin and table cover.
Telephone:380-93-6404064 Address:Filatova


we need to byu stoll cms mashines; we made womans kneetwear wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Telephone:380-61118-7595258 Address:Vishnevay, kharcov, kharcovskay, Ukraine

Ukrainian Down Products

We represent ukrainian down company "LLC Mona". "LLC Mona" is the biggest factory in Ukraine, which situated center of Kiev city, capital Ukraine. Our has a sixty year experience work domestic market production goods out and feather (pillows, blankets, duvets) , as ...
Telephone:380-44-5311425 Address:Str. Bozhenko 8