FAVA Pardazan Kara Co., Ltd.

We produce DVB-S/S2 and DVB-T LAN-Casters and IGMP multicast multi channel SPTS Servers, We give very very good prices with good quality compared to other providers
Telephone:98-21-76250069 Address:Pardis Technology Park, Tehran, Other, Iran

Payamgoo Co. Ltd

Our company Produce PABX ( Digital and Analog ). We produce PABX that control by Computer in Iran. At range of 16 to 4000 extendable. and also we have Win and Web PABX controler in every languege you want but it may take afew time,
Telephone:98-21-22444262 Address:Nakhl


How do you talk to a whole team of people across the country or continents, take decisions that are urgent and important? congregate hundreds employees into huddle in just few minutes? make it as simple picking up receiver, punching buttons, turbo charging operational efficiency? communicate ...
Telephone:91-80-25590299 Address:# 773, 15th cross, 33rd main, JP nagar


Biggest telecommunication (private) company in Iran. Working with middleeast, Europe and far east countries. After 15 years dealing computers their accosseries, its been 10 now that this is working under catagory. Our aim has always customer satisfaction. As the result high quality low ...
Telephone:98-21-22258466 Address:No. 130-Mirdamad Blvd.

Shenzhen Jizhuo Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Jizhuo Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the development, manufacture and sales of RF communication products, including antennas FM transmitters. Our data products are widely used electric power railroad, oil field, meteorology, security, water conservancy, automation ...
Telephone:86-755-83304518 Address:No. 813, 212BLD, Tairan Tech Park, Futian District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China


Telephone:98-2188755744 Address:Other, Iran

Somita Group Co.

Designing and producing various types of industrial steel towers including Telecommunication, which consists of ICB, BTS, Guyed mast, self support monopole also for industries such as Oil petroleum, Petrochemical energy transfer. ...
Telephone:98-2122421646 Address:Burjuman, Dubai, Other, Iran

Nurafarin Eideh Company(Naico)

NurAfarin eIdeh company (NAICO) focuse on: Photonic Measuring Instruments include : Remote Sensing Lidar Systems Fiber Optic Sensor Micro Photonic Device Industrial Laser Machine Optical Communication Systems
Telephone:98 - 21 - 66088438 Address:No,135,Seraj Complex,Pardis Tech Park,Boumehen,Tehran Tehran Boumehen Iran

Fars Credit Cart Company

Fars credit card company (F.C.C.C) starts to play its role in Iran Tele communication field from 1996 and up now it has employed experienced personnel all stages of life, It’s proven that Credit Card Company is one the best telecommunication accessory suppliers which was able ...
Telephone:98-21-88600987 Address:Iran

Vistacenter co.ltd

We are distribution telecommunications accessories in Iran Our range product are Distribution box and Module terminal with good quality and package as customer request.At being time we are going to donate representative for Iran province .
Telephone:98-21-66916888 Address:Tohid

Energy Kavir Paya Co

Energy Kavir Paya (E.K.P) is one of group companies. Until 2008, which active in all fields electrical projects, executed control & automation and substation under supervision Electro Co. In 2008 according to the policy for increasing efficiency developing activities , E.K.P was ...
Telephone: Address:Other, Iran

Sahand Polyester Fibre

Dear Buyer, We are one of leading exporter Dried Fruit specially Raisin (Sultanas, Golden, Sundry or Dark, Green and Dry mix grinded raisines for vinegar manufacturer) if you have intrested to Iranian Rasin please send your inquiry our email address: Your prompt reply would be highly ...
Telephone:98-21-8955776 Address:No. 34 Chehel Sotun Ave. Dr. Fatemei Sq.

Nikoo Afzar Andish Co. Ltd.

We work as value added reseller and system integrator at Iran Middle east. produce IP PBX based on Asterisk we're OpenVox (Asterisk compatible PCI cards) authorized in we could be able to provide support products for middle are consultant you regard Voice Over free of any charge by our ...
Telephone:0098-21-88938141 Address:No 19 Shaghayegh St. Vali-e-asr Sq.

Rastak System Mehr (RSM)

we ar an IT company which is providing networking solution and selling pc to businesses. we also manufacturing desktop pc.
Telephone:98 - 21 - 88882425 Address:Unit#22, N#6, Fifth St, Gandhi St,Tehran,Iran Tehran Tehran Iran


We would like to introduce ourselves as an International Business services General Trading Company in Iran. Our company booking orders on behalf of our customers. procure various items our customers' demand and we provide all import-export well after sales service consultancy ...
Telephone: Address:

Fannavaran Sepid Andish

Fannavaran sepid andish is a manufacturer of electronic devices. We made the caller id device for computer which is able to manage up to 16 lines. It supports DTMF and FSK standards for caller line indetification.
Telephone:98-21-44061573 Address:Jahromi St. ,

Enterprise Tools

TEMS Investigation 10, 9.1 , 8.2 TEMS Pocket k800,k790,c905,c702 ,w760 Aircom 6.0 , Actix 2010 GSM Modem
Telephone:98 - 912 - 8164559 Address:Vanak Tehran Iran

Tiss Communications Co.

Tiss Communications co. is a distributer and producer of telecommunication goods. The vision this company, since it was established by store in 1989 Esfahan city, to develop faithful business generate wide distribution network for Telecommunication products. During the years, sentence, ...
Telephone: Address:


Artnet tak co., Ltd. was established in 2010 to improve lifestyle .the slogan of company is: Let us make your life incredible the artnet co, includes 2 parts , one them is art that services for home decoration, office decoration and so on, other part net stands network which hardware software design ...
Telephone:Accessories in Iran. Address:Pasdaran. Dideh St., Tehran, Other, Iran