Asia Mase Saz Industrial Group

AMS Industrial Group (Asia Mase Saz Behnam Co.) is one of the most reputable companies in manufacturing Asphalt plants, Stone Crushing Plants and Concrete Batching Plants. Presence professional skilled personnel engineers having international standards as ISO9001 (2008), ISO14001, ...
Telephone:98-2166088669 Address:Unit 14th, No.399, Azadi Ave., Tehran, Iran


masterbatch production and other compoundsase on polyolefines, polyesters,,xxxxx by organic and inorganic pigments
Telephone:98-312-5682666 Address:MORCHEHKHORT INDUSTRY TOWN, ISFAHAN, IRAN, Iran

Part Tejarat Bayat

QUICK COUPLING& Injection Mould ...
Telephone:98-021-88518593 Address:North Sohrevardi, Tehran, Iran, Iran

Berrylium Seller

We Export Minerals (metalic and non-metalic): - Beryllium - Titanium Dioxide - Copper
Telephone:98-9126191649 Address:32BT, Moscow, Iran

Pishro Taam Toos

Our company produce all machines for pizza cone we have complate techology of pizza cone process and machinary Our product are pizza cone moulder, pizza cone oven, display, grill, and conveyor gas oven
Telephone:98-511-8424963 Address:10th koohsangi, mashad, Iran

Atlas Offshore Drilling Kish Co.

We are providing services to Oil rigs, such as crew change, coordinating requirements, preparing needed pipes, jars, etc. and so on
Telephone:98-764-4422933 Address:Iran Blvd, Kish Island, Hormozgan, Iran

Behsazan Polymer

Behsazan Polymer is one of the prominent manufacturers plastic industry machineries. Our main fields activity are manufacturing disposable containers machines and also PVC, Foam Herbal sheets production lines. Co. was established in 1998 largest Iran. During its first 15 years, company has ...
Telephone:98-9101152707 Address:Saadat Abad, Tehran, Other, Iran

Barzegar Nahadeh Co.(barnaco)

We are a trading agricultural machinary co in Tehran-Iran .our ***** with 1000, 000 US$ enterprise 2006. importing all kinds of implements and agro tools which our farmers need. also intresting cooprate as agent for other companys likes come Iran marketing. yours S.koorki MD. ...
Telephone:98-21-883338901 Address:NO.208 Fakury St. Kaj Ave. Golha Sq., Tehran, Tehran, Iran

Avan Koud Garb And Pars Bitumen Amanj

Hi ResultTest7.5Ash Content , wt%0.67Mositure wt%61.5Volatile Matter wt%31.9Fixed Carbon wt%84.17Solubility in CS2 wt%  غیرقابل انجامSoftening Point,ºcغیرقابل انجامPenetration @ ...
Telephone:98-9128151861 Address:Satari Highway, Tehran, Tehran, Iran

Behnaman Sanat Pars (B.S.P)

Let us introduce our company and take the opportunity to offer services your attention. Behnaman Sanat Pars (B.S.P) is a main producer of industrial pieces machinery it`s stablished in 1990. From mentioned equipment there are both mechanical & pneumatic "Tyre building Drum" all ...
Telephone:98-21-44194099 Address:No.1,3rd Qods St.,Jahad Ave., km.14,Karaj Special Road, Tehran, Tehran, Iran


Dear Sirs: We are very interested in introducing our Co. to your esteemed company. the leading manufacturers of Wood Band Saw , Planner Knives and sharpenning File Iran. have produced with import strip from UDDEHOLM Sweden more than 30 years also Austria White-Horse Brand 20 years. produce ...
Telephone:0098-21-77522237 Address:No. 5 Building No. 64,Opposite Bahar St. Enghelab Ave., Tehran, Iran, Iran

Pers Gam Ingeneering Co.

actively involved in mine and moulding industries with more than 20 years experiance. Our main activity apart from importation of variety of products for our projects is engineering counsultation
Telephone:98-21-22603394 Address:#14,building no:9,sarvestan gharbi st.,chenaran,shahid faiazi ave., tehran, iran, Iran

Boostan Almas Khavarmianeh

Telephone:98-611-2235818 Address:azadegan, ahwaz, khozestan, Iran

Middle East Manifan Co.

One of the largest producers crushers and screening equipment for sand gravel, quarrying mining industries in Middle East. The company has been stablished 1979.We have exported our stationary(Fix) mobile(Portable) stone crusher plants to Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Sudan, ...
Telephone:98-2122989902 Address:Eftekharian, Tehran, Tehran, Iran


"BARAN CHOOB Woodworking Machinery Services Ltd." is an associated company operated by Majid Bahrami, who experienced in electronics, hydraulics, pneumatics and mechanical with over 15 years of experience the wood industry. For local service we are well equipped a fully fitted ...
Telephone:98-21-66973003 Address:Kar-e-gar, Tehran, Teh, Iran

Ideal Mobtaker Machine

Iran Machinery Market under the name of Ideal Mobtaker Machine provides different kinds of industrial machineries with the best quality and competetive prices.
Telephone:98-472-3366066 Address:Iran

Maleki Refrigeration Industries Co

Maleki Refrigeration Industries began its work in 1984. First it included business and importing refrigeration equipments, then, 1997 the manager of company established a factory Ahvaz city, so produced polyurethane panels, refrigerators, blood banks, cold rooms, ice makers, industrial ...
Telephone:98-2144653709 Address:Makhsus Exp, Tehran, Other, Iran

FARA POUYAN ATRA Mfg. & Eng. Co., Inc.

We are a leading manufacturer of industrial furnaces & ovens; mainly, focusing on production the following ovens types: - high temperature up to 1800 degrees c atmosphere control gas carburizing nitriding ...
Telephone:0098-21-22011755 Address:Vali-Asr, Tehran, Iran

Royal Plastic Azar Co., Ltd.

Royal Plastic Azar Holding is manufacturer of 3-Layer Thermoplastic Sheets, PVC Wall and Ceiling Panels, PVC Profiles, Cast Stone, Plastic Doors, PVC Edge Bandings, and Gyspsum board and Ceiling Gypsum Tiles in Iran.
Telephone:98-411-337301920 Address:Abresan, Tabriz, East Azerbaijan, Iran

SaraParla Asia Industrial Group

SaraParla Asia Industrial Group is a holding of more than 18 factories and companies with variuos fields such as machinery, chemical, and *****
Telephone:98-21-22098398 Address:Saadat Abad, Tehran, Tehran, Iran