Fruta Fresh is an import export and distributing company of fruits vegetables located in Barcelona Madrid. Both centers that has become one the most important links food distribution at both a national international level.Fruta objective to offer excellent, homogenous quality its ...
Telephone: 34-93-7701681 Address:Paseo de Gracia 118 Pral.

Verdimed S.A.

Telephone: 34-968-190238 Address:Pol Ind Los Urreas

Able Business Group S.L

Our company Able Business Group S.L. We are the provider which specializes in agricultural products. can provide variety of products, for example yellow corn, wheat, soybean, wheat flour... have a large number inventory. from 1000MT per month until big quantity such as 25,000MT month, 30,000 ...
Telephone: 34-93-7985935 Address:Cami Ral 598  Matar�, Barcelona


Spanish Producer of Fresh and Premium Truffles (Black/Tuber Melanosporum and Summer/Tuber Aestivum)
Telephone: 34-699-264720 Address:


FreshFructs is leadership in the commercialization of fruit and vegetables Spain (Almeria) a result combined efforts team that focuses its work on offering best services to clients. We are results working with farmers region their products helping them get international customers. All this ...
Telephone: 0034-642-833131 Address:El Ejido


We are a spanish trade company established in northen Spain 1998. buy / sell any kind of wild mushroom, we have special interest Porcini (Boletus) and St George (Tricholoma georgii) mushrooms, but dial aswell with pied de mouton (Hydnum repandum) , Cantharellus Amanita caesarea, Truffles ...
Telephone: 34-945 455 887 Address:Gorbea


Neofungi Group is a co-operative business that was established with the aim to answer growing demand in mushrooms and wild market. Made up by businesses more than 30 years of experience sector, we count on ample national international projection. We ofer innovative facilities, allowing us ...
Telephone: 34-663-157573 Address:


Telephone: 34-638-222956 Address:CALLE FARJADO

Dana Co., LTD.

We make all things.Internet Software Company.
Telephone: 34-945-500000 Address:Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do


We are a spanish company manufacturing and selling outdoor furniture.
Telephone: 34-670-455895 Address:San Ambrosio 8

Novartia Global Service

Telephone: 0034-933-185630 Address:Gran via de les corts catalanes


GAUN S.A. was founded at the beginning of 80s with firm intention reaching a position privilege within livestock and domestic animal sectors. Nowadays, we have distributors all over World keep close relationship them.The philosophy has always been orientated towards satisfying our ...
Telephone: 34-968-658136 Address:A-7 km. 642. 5

Tejidos Roca S.L.

We are a spanish company involved in fabrics world since 1959. Our main area of business textiles for industries like shoe's industries, garments factories, flocking etc.We keep permanent stock more than 2 millions meters order to deliver as quick possible. And allways receptives any ...
Telephone: 34-968-741152 Address:poligono industrial san agustin s/n

Telephone: 0034-91-664632610 Address:canvous del castillo 2


Telephone: 34-976-771812 Address:Ctra. Logrono Km 15, 6

El limonar

Telephone: 34-690757246 Address:Cabezicos

La Nena Fruit

Telephone: 34-600-862564 Address:Av JaizuBia 3


Telephone: 34-968-218533 Address:Carril de la Condesa


Telephone: 34-609-364107 Address:Avda. Daniel Ayala 36

HE Campayo Vera

Telephone: 34-967-222390 Address:Arq Vandelvira 20, ent


Telephone: 34-0-606094953 Address:


CUEVAS & Co. is a Spanish company established in 1944, leader the manufacture and distribution of gourmet products home market with presence over 5 continents more than 20 countries. Our main are Marron Glace chestnuts derivatives. All them presented different luxury formats (glass flasks, ...
Telephone: 34-988-383822 Address:Industrial Zone San Ciprian De Vinhas

Cattingham Ltd

on ferous/ferro alloys...Cattingham Limited is an international non-ferrous scrap trading company. We are specialists in chosen markets and management.In years of successful business we established strong relationships, that let us operate around the globe.Weather you selling or ...
Telephone: 34-6975-13001 Address:diagonal


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Telephone: 34-976 876-17085 Address: