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Eastern Bridge Co. LTD

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Kolhoz Novosergeevskiy

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Narodnensky krupozavod

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Royal Grain

We are located in the city of Novorossiysk, largest port Russia.Extensive experience and large warehouse, allows us to send goods shortest possible time.We work with Russian farmers who produce only quality products. The product is packaged under serious control. ...
Telephone: 7-918-4753227 Address:Dzerzhinsky Avenue 202 Building 5 office 714

LTD "TransAgro"

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Inmar LLC

we are active in the several fields:1st: purchase steemed (fatless) cheese and supply manufactores of processed with this raw.2nd: fruit berry processors frozen wild berries.3rd: developing now sales pharmaceutical raw: authentic Russian medicinal mushroom - chaga (inonotus obliquus). ...
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Russian Mushrooms LLC

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Organic Products LLC

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Russian Red

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C-Project is a holding company, consisting of manufacturing and distribution companies. specializes in groceries, canned food, snacks, fast food (instant ready-for-eat) products. The company was founded 1995 Saint-Petersburg now takes the leading position as distributor groceries ...
Telephone: 7-921-9868170 Address:13-th Krasnoarmeyskaya, 9

Shanggi Ltd

Shanggi Ltd is the part of holding company-Tomsk production company SAVA Ltd, which was found at 4 April 2000 year on bases the hothouse complex Kuzovlevsky.The main directions Tomsk Ltd. activities-manufacturing food stuffs (premium wild berry juices, fruit premium jam, ketchups etc). ...
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Union Traders Plc

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RG FLL Enterprize

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Rough Russian Demantoid

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Itagro Group S.R.O.

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