Polam-Rem is a producer and exporter of industrial luminaires. The company was found in 1955. We specialize luminaires, light for marine, explosion proof floodlights. Our goods are known their good european quality the reasonable prices.Our factory Gdansk at polish seaside. There over 100 ...
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Ml Trading

Our company is using the existing international and national contacts to find any specified by buyer kind of goods. We have business in Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Ireland Belgium. also work with several Improters from China Thailand. can help Companies invest Poland or a land buy build an ...
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Our company deals with selling high quality leather gallantry. In our offer we have: women's wallets, card holders, leather briefcases, women's handbags, conference porfolios, leather belts.
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The Stylish Leather Collection GroFashion. Ideal for people who appreciate classic and perfect finish. This is the GroFashion both younger older bissnesmen. During production we pay special attention to elements like: quality of seams, linings, zips an latches. Such a Dose leather elegance ...
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we are a big textile fabrics stocks wholesaler placed in Italy, Montemurlo and got many different kind of stock available such as wool, mixed wool cashmere, cotton velvet, corduroy, silk, cottons, polyester, microfiber, pvc etc�and also have very often lots for upholstery., sofas, ...
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B2B Security

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BPT Grou

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AAG Ltd.

We would like to arouse You with the cooperation our firm, and products what we possess in offer. The firm AAG Ltd. Is on market since 1992. At first company went retail sale own shops. Since year 1997 are a sole importer of Simplex condoms Polish market. As cooperate distributional firms manage ...
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NTEC P.Chrzanowski, P.Lapa

Qoltec is a brand of high quality modern technology and innovative solutions that are compatible with the European requirements. We offer wide range products, including power supplies , batteries spare parts for laptops accessories PCs, smartphones tablets sports cameras many other ...
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Miomam it is brand created for modern parents, women and mans, moms dads.Miomam this are bags comfortable, functional, what most important fited to your individual style.Bags accessories infants children style original unique patterns in one. fashionable comfort fitted mood. moms, who love ...
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For over 30 years, ASKO has been manufacturing quality products in Poland. It always and will continue to be our first priority maintain highest exceed customers expectations.Our business passed down for the second generation we like think that can old ideals with modern twist. Today are a ...
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Koga Manufacturing

Online, modern manufacturer Koga is dealing with a complex service and all round supply of trade partners bags, briefcases other haberdashery made synthetic natural leather. tries to select womens handbags, mens cases, briefcases, wallets, organizers, laptops bags goods in such way enable ...
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We are on the Polish market since 1997. Our company produces mainly leather products such as wallets, handbags, shoulder bags, suitcases, sachets etc. However, we able to produce all our merchandises in artificial too. Furthermore, available through whole year a few colours black, camel, ...
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Every final product or semiconductor can be purchased directly from us our representatives in one of the following ways:1. By phone order2. fax order3. email order4. hand to transactionNo registration any kind is required. A non-disclosure agreement between and buyer not required.All ...
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Short description about RADWAG Co: - Exists 25 years; The biggest producer of electronic balances and scales in Poland; One the meaningful EU; Employees over 300 employers whole globe; 4 foreign sale offices USA, Russia, Czech Republic, Germany- cooperation with more 90 distributors world; ...
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E-meter international

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Wykrywacze Metalu Mocny Sygnał Marcin Bartnik(Detectoreo)

Our business was born out of our passion for exploration. Thanks to the and desire explore, we can now not only share knowledge with you, but also experience when it comes choose right equipment. In shop you will find a wide assortment that allow discover treasures secrets hides under surface ...
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Manufacturer and exporter of veterinary products for diagnosis reproduction in small large animals as portable ultrasound scanners, estrous detectors, pregnancy detectors ovulation detectors. PORTABLE ULTRASOUND SCANNERS especially designed work difficult conditions WITH SHOCK AND ...
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Our speciality is electronic production for GAS installations in automotive industry as well automatics and wire-bundle production. Legotron delivers wiring services client based designing. For our we use HI-TEC machines tools equipment. According to professional staff able guarantee ...
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MARCIN CYBULSKI (Estherm Polska)

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