Fresco Foods BV

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Alexport BV

We are a Dutch middle/large import and exporting company in fresh fruits vegetables we do this for more than 11 years now. Our core business always has been to Eastern-European countries Russia, but due our expanding activities would like get touch with people worldwide.Please feel free contact ...
Telephone: 31-78-8907108 Address:Nieuwland Parc 121

Cool Fresh Int. B.V.

We are an import and export company in fruit situated in Holland. For more information please check our website.
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Deli-Cart is an online distributor of premium quality wine and gourmet delicacies from Hungary. Our distribution covers both wholesale (B2B) retail (B2C) channels. Quality, design reasonable pricing are the key characteristics our business. All products you find on portal goods family ...
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Agro-Avant, based in the Netherlands, Europe is specialised agriculture related trading, especially of bio-certified organic products, like pomegranates, saffron, varieties herbs, and citrus. Agro-Avant stimulates production by supporting knowledge exchange certification produce ...
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Best Date Palm

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De Terp Squashpackers BV

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B&C Lifestyle

B&C Lifestyle is the exclusive sale agent for Shenzhou Jiangjiao Agriculture Group Co., Ltd.Established in 2012, Ltd. has a register capital of 60 million yuan and total project investment 1.8 billion yuan. Located Xiashan Ecological Economic Development Zone, company possesses ginger ...
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Staay Export BV

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AJB's Fruitbox

AJB's Fruitbox is headquartered in Nieuw-Amsterdam, the Netherlands, we have our own plantation farms South Africa, where grow appels, grapes, mongos, peaches and a lot more traded brands are Fruits from leading fruit company Netherlands that grows, exports imports fresh all over ...
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Valstar Holland BV

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Cranes Holland

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Masr Fruit International BV.

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AgriFood Trade B.V.

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Nuts And Fungus S.R.L.

found in 1997,mainly wholesale the mushroom with brine,dried,frozen,and nuts processing and fact we prefer to deal wild mountain goods for they are realy fresh no poisnous foods.during these years,we trying develop market have begun enlarge our step by western europe other ...
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Marina B.

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Daopen Kgi was specialized in luxury textile home products and fashion bags. Our company is suited Amsterdam the Netherlands. High quality with unique design (we have our own designer behind products) are priority. With closly working manufactury, we also offer OEM / ODM service. We do better ...
Telephone: 31-20-8895204 Address:Gerard Doustraat 39-I