We focus our activities in the export and import of several products. Our main products are organic dehydrated cactus tuna liquor. Also we open to new projects, which develope all process any Mexico, or from Mexico. ...
Telephone: 52-462-6254467 Address:Niebla 500 - 205

Empresa Agricola "La Chijolosa"

We are an enterprise dedicated to grow and pack fresh vegetables since more than 20 years ago. Highly known in the southeast region of tamaulipas. We sell our produce inside our country and we also export to the us mainly to the south of texas
Telephone: 52-836-2730099 Address:Carretera Tampico Mante Km 111


Telephone: 1-956-5331570 Address:3102 Las Colinas

agricola alfa bita sa de cv

Growing, packing and shipping company that specializes in fresh produce (mainly eggplant, bell pepper, cabocha squash) . We have the machinery, plant, all resources necesary to guarantee a great quality product. are looking expand our product offer, establish good bussiness relationships. ...
Telephone: 52-667-7157345 Address:Dr Manuel Romero 53 B

Agrolupita SPR

Telephone: 52-461-1861305 Address:Cerro Cubilete 104


A company with more than 30 years of experience
Telephone: 52-33-38141365 Address:Calle 6 No. 625-A

adriana duarte gonzalez

Telephone: 52-614-1843107 Address:benito juarez 4203


Telephone: 52-899-2716284 Address:ESPANA 820


We have being in the production for over 60 years and we woud like to expand our frontiers providing quality products at competitive prices. We are also interested in the production of organic products on demand
Telephone: 52-55-58857239 Address:Piscis #47

Comerlesi de Mexico

Telephone: 52-1722-4008727 Address:Manuel Maria Contreras 218-B


Telephone: 52-777-2884376 Address:NARANJOS


Telephone: 521-5540653019 Address:Nahutal

Hidrominiaturas Spr de Rl

Telephone: 52-01734-3411221 Address:Blvd A, Lopez Mateos

Productores de Hortalizas y Similares

Telephone: 52 1-897-9804297 Address:

MGM Avocados

Telephone: 52-33-18506399 Address:


Telephone: 52-449-1223078 Address:MANUEL ALTAMIRANO 6


We are a company that deals in fresh carrots, apart from other vegetables, such as: Celery, beet, brocoli, zuchinni, onion, cucumber, cabage & califlowerIn the international market and willing to establish an honest profitable relationship for both our companies.We have own farms souht east ...
Telephone: 52-22-231-06-15 Address:3 Poniente 4913-5

Malanga del Pacifico

Telephone: 52-55-56940141 Address:


We are growers of Persian Limes (Tahiti) and Avocados. produce organic conventional Avocados From Mexico USA.We export to Korea, USA, Australia, Canada France.Currently, we in the process being first Fair Trade Organic Growers. can supply year round, 40 LBS. 10 LBS., custom packing third ...
Telephone: 52-1664-1541699 Address:1899 SACRAMENTO ST

Frijoles Refritos Dona Conchita

Telephone: 52-044-3314081500 Address:V. Carranza 13

Fruits & Vegetables Ciro Redondo S. A. de C.V.

We export Mexican Lemon, Lime, Mango and Litchee.
Telephone: 52-55-53567623 Address:Poniente 94-A No. 48, Col. San Francisco Xocotitla Del. Azcapotzalco

North Grains Trading, S.A. De C.V.

Telephone: 52-662-2145077 Address:Reyes 78-C, San Benito

Agricola Esquer S.a de C.v

Telephone: 52-6673-034480 Address:Izaguirre rojo 208


Teloencargo helps producers to exports and search for potential buyers their products, the negotiation will be between producer client.We started as an import company, our information appeared in major newspapers of mexico this brand new service mexican companies 2003. ...
Telephone: 52-81-83384845 Address:Daniel Davila 144A

CDK Products

CDK Products offers different line of products. "Mayahuetl" Organic Agave Syrup, is the first Agricultural product to be offered, thanks a close relationship with producer, we are able offer quality Nectar, at competitive prices.Located in beautiful State Jalisco, Mexico ...
Telephone: 52-333-125-3204 Address:Guadalupe 5650