Tadaka Gemini

Broad - based company with worldwide reach. Focused markets in Asia, North America, Africa.Consulting services for renewable energy sources, biotechnology and medical devices.Trading arm responsible for import/export of products worldwide.
Telephone: 1-306-9090099 Address:4661 miranda drive

hua te yang

Hua Te Yang is a newly established company invested by Chinese chemical and an U. S hand sanitizer manufacturer. had constructed 20, 000 square feet office building 30, production facility in 2007. Yang's mission to manufacture world standard personal health products including ...
Telephone: 1-506-6392608 Address:15 Birch Grove Terrace

Amway Indepent Sales Representative

Telephone: 1778-889-4583 Address:Basement 578 Sunset Avenue

Nautical Fire Suppression Ltd.

Telephone: 1-877-689-6161 Address:RR1

Chaiyaphurk Keawkiow

Telephone: 61-2928-4306 Address:56/57 Manotick road ottawa

Daixun Lenses

We provide authentic circle lens from Korea and Japan for wholesale retail purposes. Prices are as low $7 per pair! Single orders normal pricing welcome.Please contact us a full price list each brand model.Our MOQ (minimum order quantity) 40 pairs/80 pieces.Please me more details. ...
Telephone: 1-905-1234567 Address:000 Abcde Street

Great Canada Trading Co.

Telephone: 001-204-8980757 Address:177 Reay Crescent

IPD Global Inc.

Telephone: 1-905-6252300 Address:2800 Skymark Avenue, Suite 501


Telephone: 1-212-15674356 Address:43 East Beaver Creek, Unit 17

Maheshwari Enterprises

We are a trading company involved in supplies of Fresh vegetables, potatos, onions, Basmati Rice and Fresh Apples.
Telephone: 1-416-7479178 Address:Red Water Drive Canada

ETS farmgrants.LTD

Telephone: 1-630-4487925 Address:

white bear

Telephone: 1-514-589-5038 Address:Saskatchewan


We. are global exporter of top quality lentils, pulses, and grains for human consumption birdfeed markets. Our reputation honesty, integrity reliability has earned the respect loyalty our many long-standing customers suppliers. We pride ourselves in providing product to domestic ...
Telephone: 1-416-4675437 Address:Canada

Free Earth Exports

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Telephone: 1-8866296365 Address:


Telephone: 1-819-3246167 Address:

North Wing Trades Corp

We are a Canadian company based in Vancouver focused on bringing high quality goods to other countries. Our goal is have people from around the world experience all natural products such as Morel mushrooms and blueberry juice, which British Columbia an ideal location harvest. With large ...
Telephone: 1-604-6031534 Address:780 East Cordova

Saunders & Sons Wild Mushrooms

Telephone: 1-902-285-2007 Address:53 Maplewood Dr.

1010 Trading Company

Telephone: 1-416-8297672 Address:350 Rathburn Rd

Omicron Trading

Telephone: 1-514-8062191 Address:1612-6550 Sherbrooke West

East Foods Co.,Ltd

Telephone: 1-256-7523 Address:6850 boul

Clancy's Volcanic Peanuts Inc.

Clancy's Volcanic Peanuts was established in 2002 to fill a void the market for an unusually flavored jumbo redskin peanut satisfy snack loving public. Located Toronto, Canada, we have made inroads into Retail with large international chains now carrying our products. ...
Telephone: 1-416-213-1661 Address:13 Vulcan St.


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Sahin International

Telephone: 1-416-6684160 Address:


Telephone: 1-647-5347477 Address:44 Jackes Ave