Jiwon medical corp.

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Deojon Medical

Lleading exporters of medical disposables, devices, sterilizer (autoclave) and used equipment. Also we are doing our business in Korea as a retailer wholesaler the same field. In dealing with all kinds products that customers want. We offer superior quality sourced from reliable trusted ...
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Hebei Province Zhenyu Metal Mesh Products Company is located in “the hometown of wire mesh”——Anping county. Our company was founded 2005. And it grew out Anping County Lifeitong welded Wire Factory which 1998. has won the customers good opinion by stable quality and ...
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Zeronitec co., Ltd

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Enputech Ltd

Enhance the quality of your life through exceptional technologies. Obviously, we have a concern that our survival depends on availability clean air and water. Enputech. Co., ltd. Will be dedicated to providing water for all needs an technologies ultraviolet (UV) light, phtocatalytic, nano ...
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Choongwae Medical Cor

Choongwae Medical is a medical solution company specialized in the production of devices and equipment aiming for better life quality human being. We have been contributing to an improvement environment advancement national welfare by localization many kinds high-end products such as ...
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We work with professional staffs long exprience the high pressure gas field. And of course they have a solid technical background.We offer our deepest appreciation to customers and hope for your continued support as we strive turn accumlated technological know-how into efficiant ...
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Hongik Medical Systems Corp.

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Our company is a professional producer sterilizer The main parts manufacturing facility itself Sincere post-sale customer care Development of mutual benefits between Buyers please contact us at any time thanks
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We, Dealkor, aim to become an industry leader in exporting and a world-class trading company that provides high quality of products worldwide. We believe our success will be driven by people who have lot experiences area their commitment get results with honesty responsibilities. We also ...
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JEAN MEDICAL, as one of the biggest leading companies specialized in Medical equipment/Fiber Yarn/Printing busines world, has taken pride supplying not only quality products, but also technical solutions to customers from all over world.As business, MEDICAL always keeps a variety ...
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KM medical co.,ltd.

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Energium is focused on providing advanced automation system solutions to healthcare and automotive industries. We design, build install range of phlebotomy assistance equipment that improves work efficiency eliminates human errors in medical facilities worldwide. also engaged ...
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Medi Electronic

Today's medical environment is changing very rapidly and engineering biotechnology will lead the 21st Century.Medi Electronics, established in 2009, Korea's leading manufacturer of gas equipments, nurse call system, OT Table & Light, Furniture for hospital any kind ...
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Oxyvac Medical Instrument

Oxyvac Medical Instrument Co.,Ltd is professional company about medical gas equipments manufacturer and system total solution provider. In Korea, we have 50% more market share in this area. We made all of items with diamond quality, gold service silver price. can supply SKC, CKD, OEM, ODM ...
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