Il Sentiero SAS

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il pucino

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organic cultivations & manufacture of dietary supplies with aloea rborescens
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U. G. A. Nutraceuticals S. r. L. Is a highly specialized company in the research and formulation of pharmaceutical grade fish oil Omega-3 supplements, with brand name OMEGOR. We use state art technology, select best sources to produce superior quality, great tasting supplements for family. ...
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Starbene srl, is an Italian company which operates in the health and wellbeing field, and our products are a real innovation that field because they treat widespread social issues with new approach. They patented we have good scientific basis.Our therapies based on auricular therapy, ...
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Bellezza e Salute

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Erbagil srl

The distinctive features of reality ERBAGIL in dermocosmesis functional. Serious answers, efficient and cutting edge for the welfare care skin blemishes.THE ACTIVITYERBAGIL formulates, produces markets cosmetic ingredients tested dermatologically with excellent results ...
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Gima S.p.A.

About us GIMA is a leading Italian Company with 84 years experience in Mediacal field selling through dealers and distributors over 130 countries all the world.We are trading company offering trough catalogue 4000 medical products, coming from selected manufacturer 40 countries.. Quick ...
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Das was established in 1977 by Mario Orsini now President of the company, Palombara Sabina Rome, Italy. With an initial staff few people and settled a small limited space, it is two adjacent, modern ample buildings made on purpose, with more than 50 people. The company born strong motivation ...
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Lizzi - De Bortoli

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Teknomecc Srl

Experience, cutting-edge technology investments, product quality, on-time delivery, scrupulous attention to customer needs has enabled TEKNOMECC become a reliable partner for small, medium and large companies operating in different industries requiring milled-turned components made ...
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Roadrunnerfoot Engineering srl

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Omodeo A. & S. Metalleghe

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zamar srl

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Baesso Arch. Pierino Domenico

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we buy and sell advanced medical imaging system:CT, MRI. Nuclear Medicine, Mammography, Bonde densitometry and spare parts.
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roma care

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PVS is one of the leading Companies, in Manufacturing, Distributing and Promoting devices for First Aid Emergency Care. Our high quality standard added to our supplier's collaboration, integrated into production, gives us possibility accept supply any order / or tender. The most ...
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Design, development and production of IT technological systems, delivery services for the management traceability drugs, supporting prescription administration customized pharmacological therapies, medical devices in clinical processes. manufacture, marketing, hiring, ...
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